Dahlweid, Dr. Michael

Dr. Michael Dahweid
Dr. Fried-Michael Dahlweid, MD-PhD

Head of Solution Strategy
Chief Medical Officer
iSOFT Global

Dr. Michael Dahlweid’s background as a practicing doctor in A&E and Trauma and as a graduated specialist in Medical Informatics enabled him to take on leadership roles in both the caregiver’s and the healthcare IT vendor’s aspects of the industry. He was appointed Chief Medical Officer and Head of Solution Strategy at iSOFT in Sept 2008. Prior to this, as Business Unit Vice President for Agfa, he developed Agfa’s HIS/CIS business and also served as CMO.Within his career in HC IT, he ran a start-up company in eHealth, and since then has headed Production and Product Management in leading HC IT companies. Additionally, he has taken on advisory roles for European Governments, and acts as a lecturer for HC IT at various universities.